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Man Up! But Not Like This…

Man Up! But Not Like This...

The NFL was not correct (in my humble opinion) for giving Rice a two game suspension as punishment for hitting a woman until she was unconscious. I’m not a fan of Steven A. Smith but I understand what he is saying. I don’t think a man should hit a woman but I also feel people can say and do things to provoke a response that can cause pain or even death.

The Bible speaks about the damage an untamed tongue can cause; we have to be mindful of our speech when stating harsh and antagonizing remarks.

I remember speaking to an attorney who handles domestic violence cases; she told me what a judge had stated in court to a female victim who exhibited a sharp tongue. The judge did hand down a jail sentence to the man who actually hit the woman. This judge whom also was a female spoke to the lady telling her she should learn to speak in a manner that would not agitate or cause the man to respond in an abusive manner.

These types of statements are not taken to heart, and most people feel you should be able to say whatever you want without repercussion. It may work in a fantasy world but not in what we call reality. We selectively choose to abide by the word of God when it suits us, but if a tongue can cause countries to go to war, or people to kill others just for stating a comment with the words “your mother” then why aren’t we trying to learn to communicate in a more respectful manner?

Again, I feel the punishment for Rice is not harsh enough, and I don’t know what caused this terrible situation to happen. I do understand what Mr. Smith was alluding too and I respect that he had the nerve to say in public what many people say in secret. E. Johnson