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COVID-19 No One Is Safe!

In 2020 many families and friends were affected by an invisible life-threatening soulless virus that is determined to bring the world to its knees. It has been reported to have originated in China and eventually travelled abroad. My family, as well as others, have been sickened by this parasite, as we look for solace and…
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Why Aren’t Men Marrying These Days???

The woman in this video surprised me, I was judging by the short hair that this would be a feminist view of male inadequate behavior. I must acknowledge that I was wrong, she was stating many facts and seem to have an extremely factual interpretation of male behavior.

Marriage is regarded by men today as a bridge to nowhere. Many women today aren't capable of sustaining a healthy, loving home environment. They are selfish and manipulative, not all women are like that, yet most today are. Men are learning the skills necessary to see behind the mask. Karen speaks on this matter better than I might be able to write in this article. Ladies, please heed the words uttered in this video, you might learn something.

YouTube video by Karen Straughan

In The Eyes of a Child

The Eyes of a Child I’m going to go way back, all the way back to the days when I use to sit on the stoop watching the sun go down and recalling all the events that had happened that day.  I would sit and watch my mother strum her folk guitar and sing to…
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