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Free Written by E. Johnson When I see tomorrow coming and yesterday has gone, I surrender to my passing thoughts, And hope still lingers on. Never have I yearned for life the way I do this day, Some things are forever eternal, That’s what the elders say. Some people dream of days gone by and…
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SILENCE (Written by: E. Johnson) SILENCE Another year has passed and now we reflect on the positives and negatives that brought us to this abyss. We think about the trials and tribulations that have made us the people we are today.  At this time of reflection we grudgingly start removing people, places and things from…
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Eight Tips for Maintaining Friendships

Friendships We sometimes take the word friendship for granted, the people who constantly support us and are there for us in our time of need. We all have a special person who will always live in our hearts, which changed us, who cried with us, who listened to our lengthy boring stories, who held us…
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