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False Rape Claims: Or is it Feminism on Steroids?

As the voices of sexual misconduct rise in the west, we must be aware that some of these accusations may have little to no merit.  I believe if someone actually rapes another individual they should be held accountable for their actions, and stand in judgment of the law.

However, there are those who have other reasons for making such claims, and the person who is being accused should have the right to insist that the accuser show proof of their claim. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? It only exists for some, but not for all.

I personally have had a woman say to me that a man raped her only to later retract her statement as being false or taken out of context. The system of law we live under is slowly breaking down and social media, fake news and public opinion will be its downfall.

Rape is a serious crime and should not be used as a weapon or a tool to disguise your shame for something you did, and now regret.

This Youtube video sheds light on this subject. Entitled: Feminism On Steroids: Columnist Emily Lindin From Teen Vogue Magazine Is A Dangerous Woman by Nicole's View

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Toxic Women (Rom Wills)

I ran into several types of toxic (Personality Disordered) women, such as HPD, BPD, Waif Narcissist and various others to name a few. They will build you up and drop you on your head when they find no more use for you. Or when you finally have been able to see what lurks behind the mask they wear. Some of these women are very successful in their careers, but ultimately they are dangerous and will cause much pain to any man in their life.

Toxic women have little to no empathy, especially when she no longer feels any tingles for the man she previously professed to have loved. They are extremely cunning and will at the beginning of your relationship praise you to the level of a god.

These women have no hangups or limits when it comes to sex, they will probably be the most sexually satisfying bed partner you will ever have. They lie with a straight face and will cheat on you with no regrets.

Toxic women have no real female friends, their relationships are fleeting at best. Women don't like or trust them. Also these women have various orbiters (men who they use for chores and backup plans), some of these guys never get any sex from them, but she flaunts sex in their faces just to keep them holding on. If an orbiter does get a chance to bed her he will eventually realize that is was just his turn.

These women need constant validation, and almost any man will do. Remember when dealing with a toxic woman you are not that important to her, she is extremely selfish and you are replaceable.

"And you will be replaced."

Remember she is toxic and should be avoided at all cost, it could save your life.

Finally I would like to thank Rom Wills for speaking on this subject, many men need to heed this video. To all my healthy minded sisters, there are toxic men out there, and a lot of what is said in this video can be applied to your life as well.

-E. Johnson


When Someone says, “I Need Space”

The most hurtful and deceitful 3 words uttered in the English language is, "I need space." This terminology is used as a crutch by a weak person to deceive you. Pretending that they are willing to take some time from the relationship to analyze which direction they are heading in. The truth is the relationship is OVER, DEAD...FINISHED! Many people…
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Keep Your Girl From Cheating On You

I found this video on YouTube on The Angryman Channel. I totally agree with his message and hope you find it helpful. This video can also be used in reverse for women who are looking for a man who won't cheat on them as well.

How To Keep Your Girl From Cheating On You - (YouTube)  The Angryman Channel