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Narcissism Unmasked…The Silent Killer

This website is dedicated to enlightenment and creativity. I feel there is a need to speak upon the harsh and evil world of narcissism. It exists more now than ever and people need to be aware of this hurtful and morally bankrupt sickness. Many people and relationships have been destroyed by individuals who show signs of Covert or Overt narcissism. (Photo by Fotolia)

These three videos were embeded from YouTube's website: Sun Lion's Youtube page

The Narcissist Wants You Dead

Cognitive Dissonance, Recovering from Narcissist Abuse

Who You Are – My Acknowledgement of Self

(Written by E. Johnson) There comes a time in your life when you need to reevaluate where you are headed and how far you’ve come. As I look back on my life I have met a few women and men who have left a strong positive impression on me that helped me become the man…
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Broken People

Broken People Below are quotes I found around the web that deal with sick people in toxic relationships. People need to learn to make better decisions in order to eliminate unnecessary pain due to lack of knowledge, that ends in emotional turmoil.  These quotes I hope will enlighten those people who have had the privilege…
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SILENCE (Written by: E. Johnson) SILENCE Another year has passed and now we reflect on the positives and negatives that brought us to this abyss. We think about the trials and tribulations that have made us the people we are today.  At this time of reflection we grudgingly start removing people, places and things from…
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