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When Someone says, “I Need Space”

The most hurtful and deceitful 3 words uttered in the English language is, "I need space." This terminology is used as a crutch by a weak person to deceive you. Pretending that they are willing to take some time from the relationship to analyze which direction they are heading in. The truth is the relationship is OVER, DEAD...FINISHED! Many people…
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Beware of Insecure People

Beware of Insecure People A person who is insecure in a relationship is only there because they need validation. And if they don't get validation from their partner, which is unreasonable and unrealistic, they will move on to someone else they feel will validate them. In other words, they have no problem cheating to achieve…
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Dangers of Dating Low Self-Esteem People

Dangers of Dating Low Self-Esteem People Insecurities in relationships are not uncommon, but when choosing to love someone we must be aware of the different types of people that may prey upon our emotions.  It is important to realize the signs of potential issues that could arise by not choosing the correct people. Flaws in…
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