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Empathetic Loving Men vs. Selfish Inconsiderate Men

  "This article blew me away, I had to paste a copy of it here on my site. This is for the women who are trying to figure out the difference between the men that will be there for them, as oppose to the men who only want woman who cater to their needs. The…
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Under the Influence of Oxytocin

Under the Influence of Oxytocin Have you ever had this feeling…? You’ve started dating a guy who’s really good looking, sexy — and you two have a lot of fun together. However, there are many things you don’t agree on. In fact, sometimes he has a really bad attitude. You wonder whether your relationship is right or…
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The Married Man

Ladies, think twice before venturing down that dark road of loneliness chasing after a married man.  If you wait long enough you will be able to finally meet the right man for you. The right man will be single and available, it won't be easy but it may save you from a whole lot of…
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