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Pastor RC Blakes, Jr. New Years Message “Move On”

This past year I was introduced on YouTube to a pastor by the name of RC Blakes, and I’ve found much wisdom in his approach to ministry. He is able to look at the world as it really is and link the past biblical encounters to those of today.

Pastor Blakes preaches about the rise of narcissism and how it effects the lives of many people in our present day society. Having had encounters in my own life with people of this sort has opened my eyes to a new world. I have begun the transition to reality from the fantasy world that had me captive for so long.

The video above is from Pastor Blakes’ YouTube Channel.

Pastor RC Blakes’ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/RobertBlakes


Infidelity from a Narcissistic Point of View

I found this tasty jewel on the internet and thought it might be of some value to people who are still in a relationship with a Narcissist or some other mentally disordered person. This comment seems to have been written by an actual narcissist explaining why they do what they do when it comes to…
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Narcissism Unmasked…The Silent Killer

This website is dedicated to enlightenment and creativity. I feel there is a need to speak upon the harsh and evil world of narcissism. It exists more now than ever and people need to be aware of this hurtful and morally bankrupt sickness. Many people and relationships have been destroyed by individuals who show signs of Covert or Overt narcissism. (Photo by Fotolia)

These three videos were embeded from YouTube's website: Sun Lion's Youtube page

The Narcissist Wants You Dead

Cognitive Dissonance, Recovering from Narcissist Abuse

Borderline Women (BPD)

I felt it necessary to put this information out for men who are still trying to find a good woman in the dating world.  I have met several of these types of women in my lifetime.  If you happen to meet any woman who exhibits any of these characteristics run for the hills. Understanding and…
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