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People, Wake the Hell Up!

I wish to rant about a subject that has bothered me for some time. People continue to hold on to someone who wants you to go away.  I have been guilty of the same crime many of you are experiencing now, holding on when the love is gone. We try to make right what is…
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When Someone says, “I Need Space”

The most hurtful and deceitful 3 words uttered in the English language is, "I need space." This terminology is used as a crutch by a weak person to deceive you. Pretending that they are willing to take some time from the relationship to analyze which direction they are heading in. The truth is the relationship is OVER, DEAD...FINISHED! Many people…
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Peaceful (Written by E. Johnson) There are times in our lives we search for an escape, we long for acceptance and find we only cause ourselves even more pain. Don't search for happiness, search for Peace. - Ejai I’ve come to know what I might be, As I stare into the abyss. Calming thoughts are…
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