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When We Were Children Remember back in the day when that young girl started hitting you on the arm and you were confused as to what was meant by her actions? You felt she was being childish, but you still continued to say things that would cause her to act out in that fashion even…
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False Rape Claims: Or is it Feminism on Steroids?

As the voices of sexual misconduct rise in the west, we must be aware that some of these accusations may have little to no merit.  I believe if someone actually rapes another individual they should be held accountable for their actions, and stand in judgment of the law.

However, there are those who have other reasons for making such claims, and the person who is being accused should have the right to insist that the accuser show proof of their claim. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? It only exists for some, but not for all.

I personally have had a woman say to me that a man raped her only to later retract her statement as being false or taken out of context. The system of law we live under is slowly breaking down and social media, fake news and public opinion will be its downfall.

Rape is a serious crime and should not be used as a weapon or a tool to disguise your shame for something you did, and now regret.

This Youtube video sheds light on this subject. Entitled: Feminism On Steroids: Columnist Emily Lindin From Teen Vogue Magazine Is A Dangerous Woman by Nicole's View

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Why You Should Know Her Sexual Past (The Science Behind It)

Blackgnosticspeaks is a YouTuber who understands the issues troubling the black community.  This video is extremely important and should not be taken lightly. This video explains what happens to women when they have sex with multiple partners and why it's important for you to know her past.

When someone tells you that their past isn't important you should ask for the check and proceed to the door in a rapid fashion. Remember, you will never be able to tell how far a person has progressed or regressed if you don't know where the starting line is.