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When Someone says, “I Need Space”

The most hurtful and deceitful 3 words uttered in the English language is, "I need space." This terminology is used as a crutch by a weak person to deceive you. Pretending that they are willing to take some time from the relationship to analyze which direction they are heading in. The truth is the relationship is OVER, DEAD...FINISHED! Many people…
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Broken People

Broken People Below are quotes I found around the web that deal with sick people in toxic relationships. People need to learn to make better decisions in order to eliminate unnecessary pain due to lack of knowledge, that ends in emotional turmoil.  These quotes I hope will enlighten those people who have had the privilege…
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Trying To Take Flight

Trying To Take Flight You are the captain and your mind and body are but a mere vessel in which we borrow to take on this arduous journey we call life. In order to grow you must establish boundaries, you must remove yourself from people and situations that are no longer congruent with your purpose…
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