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What defines a man?

What defines a man? There are so many categories that can be representative of male behavior. While attempting to focus on one particular trait is delusional and erroneous to say the least.  Someone may have one impression of what a man should be, while someone else will have an alternative view.  We men spend much…
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What’s Going On??? Will There Be Justice for Sandy Bland

sanda bland flyerI was totally upset when I saw this video of this African American woman (Sandy Bland) being abused by an overly emotional, thin skinned and confrontational police officer who seems to suffer from an acute disease we call the Napoleon Syndrome.  This type of abuse by police officers has got to stop.  I feel sorry for the family of this woman and send my heartfelt condolences from my family to hers.

My only concern is whether there will be justice for this woman and her family. This police officer in my mind was racist and a terrorist, I smell a cover up, and this woman went through physical and mental abuse. This is another sad ordeal and unnecessary tragedy administered by the criminal justice system of America on the public it has sworn to protect. -Ejai

Thom Hartman speaks out: https://youtu.be/ABe1UmD8BtM

Pete Santilli Show: https://youtu.be/YTlaZazcUNU


Essentials Of A Good Woman

Essentials Of A Good Woman Nothing makes me feel better than to know that there are still good women in the world. Mature women who care about others and strive to be an example for the other younger women. Eventually these younger girls will grown up to be the mothers, daughters, aunts and grandmothers to…
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She – Part 2

She (Part 2) (Written by: Ernest Johnson) A woman of virtue who believes her body is her temple, Not just anyone can touch her, she lives relatively simple. She loves to be loved but it must be her own choice, You can tell she means business, from the sound of her voice. This radiant beauty…
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