Talking to Ghosts

Talking to Ghosts

(Written by: E. Johnson)

I woke up this morning to the sound of my alarm,
Wishful thinking abound, hoping I do no harm.
I wake to a new horizon yet the stars refuse to shine.
Baby steps are taken, only one step at a time.

I’m determined not to surrender my soul or my goals,
I am like the emperor, the fool who has no clothes.
Looking back on yesterday in order to set my path anew,
Hoping to find a former spark, to light my point of view.

This is not how I wish to live and maybe one day I’ll disavow,
Spirits that kept me bounded, as my past becomes the now.
I’ve come too far on this journey to have a total lapse in faith,
I will no longer be a captive, by my visions of the wraith.

If I am to find my solitude and forever gaze upon better times,
I must bury the past, where darkness last, revelation to the blind.
I must now embark upon vast adventures leading me to find,
A steady flow of positive energy, released upon my mind.

I put to rest my tattered soul and venture on my weary way,
Leaving the skeletons in the past, and let nostalgia play.
I am forever thankful for the past, which has brought me, thus far,
Remember, talking to ghosts, can harm the host, leaving in it's wake, a scar.


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