The Blueprint

The world we live in at times seems intolerable and dysfunctional, but fear not there is a plan for your existence. Every day we are subjected to new trials that we must prepare to face with strength and some level of uncertainty.  It matters not what you think you deserve or what you have achieved, it’s about self-determination and perseverance.

You may feel inadequate and yet you strive to accomplish a task that you feel will ultimately give you total satisfaction and fulfilment.  These things are beneficial for the moment. They are only a temporary bandage on what is a deep gash in your life that needs a spiritual surgeon to heal your mind and heart. However, life is about gains and losses, it all depends on how you set up boundaries and conditions acceptable to your style of living, which holds the key to success and peace within.

There is a blueprint that which holds the answers to most of our struggles. Within this blueprint are diagrams and a host of other hidden jewels that can render the most knowledgeable persons speechless.  Some would call this particular parchment words from religious writings, others would call it science and finally some would say it doesn’t exist.

It all depends on your viewpoint as to whether this blueprint is a figment of your imagination or just plain old common sense. Just like you, I struggle to find this elusive blueprint of life and when good things seem to come my way I feel I am on course. But, sometime later I find the good times have halted and the bad times being to rise again.  What I failed to understand is that without the bad there would be no good. What I might consider bad may be the origin of a new me being born into existence.

What might be considered harmful or destructive at first could be the start of a new awareness. You may have been given untruths that have blinded you, causing your soul to start looking for the antidote.  Worry not my faithful warrior, you will stand again. You may have lost a few battles but the war is still ongoing and if you study the blueprint you will be victorious.

If you are still breathing then you are still capable of following the blueprint that is your life. I’ve had near death experiences and I am still here today to testify about the existence of a blueprint.

  • A blueprint that serves to teach us which roads to take and which to avoid.
  • A blueprint that gives us guidance and strength when life seems too burdensome to carry on.
  • A blueprint that holds the specific elements and tools necessary to accomplish our goals.
  • A blueprint that helps us evaluate the people in our lives, in order to access those we should let go of.
  • A blueprint that leads us to religious or non-religious teachings in order to enhance self-awareness.
  • A blueprint that serves as the key to life and fulfilment of our innermost desires.

We all have a blueprint, we are the architects of our own existence. Take out your pen and paper and begin to draw the path to a better you, a more productive, confident you. It will take determination and focus but it can be done.

Written by: E. Johnson

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