The Ex-File…Leave it in the drawer!!!

The No Contact Rule - What it REALLY is! (watch the YouTube video below)

Imagine reaching out to an ex who hurt you severely because they cheated on you and are parading their new lover around you and your friends. One day you decide to reach out and they don't respond, or they tell everyone that you are stalking them (I've seen this with my own eyes) several times. How would you feel? You continue to give them the power over you. Most people who have to use NO CONTACT are in a situation where they need to move on from someone who they should not have been with in the first place.

Who cares what your Ex thinks about you? What is important, is what you think about yourself.

Loving yourself is the most adult thing you can do, you deserve better than living in a fantasy world that has proven to be filled with broken dreams and pain.

The information in this video will continue to drive the pain most people are feeling after being in a toxic relationship. What hasn't been stated is why it is necessary to use NO CONTACT when you were dealing with a toxic relationship or individual. Someone in your relationship decided that it wasn't worth the fight to continue to pursue a relationship with you, and that should be enough information for you to decide to move on. If someone loves you, they will not leave you.

You don't need to get in touch with someone who has made it blatantly clear that they don't want you anymore. This is not by mistake, it is by design. That is your cue to move on with your life, you are given another chance to get it right. You should not be worried about getting an ex back, you should be living your life, not theirs.

Lastly, it is not good to try and get back with someone who has dumped you or you may have needed to dump. Statistics show that most of these relationships never last once the trust has been severed and the relationship has ended.

I am friendly with at least 3 of my exes, but those I chose not to befriend were people who attempted to hurt me. I don't focus so much on how the relationship starts, but how it ends. That should be your determining factor for building a friendship when the romance ends.

NO CONTACT is to move on with your life, stop looking at what could have been and start living for today. Go NO CONTACT.....THEN GO!

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