The Masses are Asses (My first car accident revealed)

The Masses are Asses

Yesterday my wife and I were coming home after doing some shopping at the Gateway Mall, when all of a sudden I experienced my first traffic accident.  I am one of those people who prides himself on having a squeaky clean driving record, no accidents…until yesterday.

Thank god no one was hurt, the only pain I felt was what happened immediately after the accident.  I found myself in a verbal altercation with a mob of African American bus riders who mostly never saw the accident cursing me and my wife saying we were in the wrong.

The funny thing about this experience was no one; I mean “No One” was on our side.  It was as if we were two aliens being attacked by an angry mob of ignorant, abusive assholes.  Some  people just joined in on the activity just to be part of a scene that was slowly growing out of control.

This happened in my neighborhood (Brooklyn, at the corner of Ralph and Fulton). I felt as if I were a stranger being savaged by a group of people whose mindset was on causing as much pain as possible. I was called every name but the child of God.

The Accident

Let me give you an idea of what really happened along with the video showing the accident.  I was driving down Fulton Street and approached two cars ahead of me, one car was waiting for the light to turn, while another car was slowly moving up behind the turning car.  I moved to the outside lane and proceeded to go around both cars in order to make the next right turn.  The car in front of me started turning (without looking at the blind spot in their mirror) pulled into my lane hitting my car, which caused the accident.  The video shows me going straight down the right lane as the car on the left pulls out and runs into my driver side.

video-accidentCar accident video

The driver of the other car was a young woman who looked no older than 17 years old along with a young guy in the passenger side. She was very quiet, she knew she was in the wrong.

The Police

After all the negative publicity aimed at the police department it is nice to see there are many officers out there who still do a wonderful job of policing.  Everyone was calling me the fault of the accident except the police, they told me not to get involved with the negative chants from the crowd, and they made a determination from the markings on the cars that I was in the right.

Shortly after, some detectives arrived and went into the corner store and viewed a video showing the accident and proving I was telling the truth.  They told me to get a copy for my insurance company. I was elated.

Final Analysis


"I did get this message from GEICO, darn...I was so hoping to continue my no accident achievement. All good things must eventually come to an end. LOL."

"After speaking with one of GEICO's accident specialists I was told I was not the fault of the accident. Also my deductible will be returned to me, since the fault of the accident was on the other driver."

Not one person on that street was fair or kind to us, except the police. In the black community as well as other communities there is still a struggle with personal prejudices, I saw it in their faces.

I’m just thankful my wife and I weren’t hurt and we walked away unscathed with a heighten sense of reality of who I am and where I am. Not all of my memories of this situation are positive. But it awakens you to what matters most, and how evil some people can be.


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