The Maury Show (What We’ve Become)

Written by: E. Johnson

As the famed song writer and great R&B vocalist Marvin Gaye sang "What's Going On?" I am left to ask the exact same question." Actually, that is my concern as I vividly recall many of the shows I watched in utter discuss along with a tiny sense of enlightenment.  Watching the parade of clueless people who seek their 5 minutes of fame along with an eternity of shame. Granted most of these people have no care or concern about how they are perceived due to a lack of morals and fundamental social graces.

At one point in my life I felt I understood women and men and their minor deficiencies, only to be educated at how dysfunctional a society we truly are.  I will break it down by the different groups and how each one plays a part in this diseased representation of the American culture.

Women on the Show

So many of the women appear hurt, distraught and victimized by the men they chose to sleep with or cheat on in hope that the viewers will find sympathy for their pathetic choices in search of a misguided identity. Society had told them that they can do it all by themselves, they don't need a man.  This is nonsense and should not be taken seriously. These misguided souls attempt to pass the blame onto anyone else but themselves and their lack of control and foresight.

These women are searching for true love or a slight moment of validation as they create a society of dysfunctional children who will be left without a father in a world of wolves, who will use them as prey for their own survival. There are actual figures from the law enforcement communities that show that male children raised in a single parent home where the only parent is the mother, usually have trouble being productive citizens and end up in the prison system.

Watching women disrespect themselves on the show is a sad reflection of what women today have become.  They don't respect themselves or anyone else.  They exhibit Narcissistic behaviors such as BPD, HPD and other psychological illnesses that are associated with these types of personality disorders.

Women need to become more selective about the men they choose to mate with.  Life is nothing more that a short ride and it begins early in our lives.  When the ride is over wouldn't you want to know that you left a strong male/female figure who represents the best you had to offer?

Finally I have no respect or care for the women who accuse men of being fathers, knowing they are lying.  I put these women in the same category as women who cry rape when they know they were willing participants (I've met 1 or 2 women of this type in my life...they are disgusting).

Men on the Show

As stated above, these men exhibit needy, unhealthy personality traits.  I don't understand the man who found himself to have fathered a child where the woman might have previously brought several guys to the show before him, rejoicing as if he had won the lottery. Really??? You were the fifth guy to take the DNA test and for some ungodly reason feel you are a winner who will take home as a prize the most sluttiest girl in America.  She will eventually hit your sorry beta ass with child support and possible visitation rights.

The men who cheat and feel that they can beat the lie detector test are also foolish.  Now the whole world knows who you are and you've gained no better standing with the woman you profess to love.  Moreover, my hat is off to the idiots that kiss the undercover girl in the This has been shown to be the case on so many shows yet there is always one asshole that will participate in sampling the forbidden fruit.

I have no respect for men who come on the show who feel it is their birthright to have children all over the place with no concern for the children or the woman they hurt by doing this.  These men are parasites and deserve to be ostracized and banished from the human race.

It takes a real man to make a real man. Most men today are lacking self confidence, needy and controlling, just to name a few character flaws, as well as exhibiting feminine characteristics.  I have seen some women do well with raising their sons, but for the most part there is something missing in a child that has not been exposed to a strong masculine figure.

Being a man is not how much sex you can get, but how much love, strength and responsibility you show to others.  As a man you have to learn to love you first, then and only then will you be able to care for others and possibly take lead when your woman and children need it most.

The Rambunctious Show Audience

The mindless drones, who on cue will boo any man who enters stage right no matter how ridiculous the female accuser's story might appear.  He has been judged and executed well before his arrival due to the lying tears of a woman who plays on the sympathy of others in order to validate a lie she knows she is telling.

The bias of the audience and their loud hysterical rants help to adorn a show that pretends to be morally sound and delivers sentence to the guilty party.

I guess there is some truth to, you get what you pay for.

Finally, The Host (Maury)

A man who has built his fortune on making crazy a household word.  What annoys me most is when Maury tries to tell a guy who has just been told his wife/girlfriend was pregnant for another man to be there for this child, no matter the circumstance.  Really??? Why should any man be put in a position to raise another man's child through deception and lies.  Would Maury do it? I think not.

Maury pretends to care for women who are found to be slutty and not forthcoming about her sexual excursions with several male orbiters.  After she accuses one of them of being a father and the DNA shows he's not the father, Maury offers to help her find the true father.  This is a ploy to build up his ratings and less about the trauma and embarrassment it will cause the woman, men and children involved.

Maury also shows more affection for the lying woman who cries after accusing, cursing and punishing the innocent man who was found not guilty after the results are in.

The Show Must Go On

I don't know Maury, and maybe he is a decent man at heart. What I do know is that he has educated me about how low down we as human beings can be.  Actually Maury does have shows that uplift us and represents those courageous folks out there who names and deeds will never be celebrated, nevertheless these individuals are pivotal to making our lives better and worth living. I must also recognize the shows that Maury produces that enlighten us to cheating, people overcoming disabilities, family values and the need to be kinder and more understanding of others.

No matter the negatives, there are positives here that can last a lifetime, only if we can see pass the crazy and hopefully land safely upon a quiet place.





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