The Purge

The Purge

Written by E. Johnson

Mistakes are made and apologies are in session,
Hiding what’s obvious and feeding the depression.
You learn as you go seeking all that is done,
Clearing the path until the battle is won.

You heard it before but were afraid to protest,
You carry the scars on your warrior’s chest.
It’s time to give in, as all avenues merge,
Centered in anguish, it’s time that you PURGE.

You have always sort comfort in fools and delight,
The answers were dormant as you realize your plight.
You persecuted the innocent and gave life to the norm,
The plague was upon you as you fought through the storm.

You had your chances but refuse to see the light,
You preferred darkness as you dwelled in the night.
The heavens have opened, can you feel the surge?
Lightning and thunder promoting the PURGE.

Generals can no longer be trusted to have your back,
Agreements to conquer signed with blood in a pact.
You never noticed the red flags held by your peers,
You were consumed by the screams, and the cheers.

Making decisions that will forever change your course,
Stand fast my humble soldier, surrender to the force.
The war can definitely be won, you are right on the verge.
Focus on glory and victory, hold 'til you PURGE.


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