‘Til The Stars Fall

‘Til The Stars Fall

(Written by: Ernest Johnson)

Heaven isn’t that far away if you really look within,
Know not the end of life, only control of what begins.
Dark clouds cannot hide the essence of all this majesty,
The light is my telescope, enhance my eyes to see.

‘Til the volcanoes erupt and lava fills the earth I will bear the scars,
Of looking for the answers on earth, when they lie within the stars.
‘Til oceans have no water to give and deserts turn to dust,
Humanity will no longer fill the void; there will be no room for us.

Cherish not the little things that are merely just a tease,
They are never everlasting, just a momentary please.
Evolution is in retreat while eternity stares in wait,
It will come clear sometime and year,
What will become our ultimate fate.

‘Til the Sun refuses to shine and the moon breaks in half,
Mother Nature will claim our souls and have the final laugh.
‘Til the Earth no longer spins and the sands are lost in time,
Armageddon is upon us, and the heavens reveal the signs.



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