Touch the Sky

Touch the Sky

(Written by: E. Johnson)

I’ve traveled far and traveled long,
To tell my story to whomever would listen.
Of far away lands I sing in my song,
Beautiful places where icecaps now glisten.

I am alone a king on a throne,
The world is mine as I command my flock.
Here is the place I know I belong,
Watching the sunset as I rest by the dock.

The world I paint lives on a canvas,
The colors are vivid and destined to excite.
Hues so loud only few understand this,
Quiet as thunder that performs in the night.

Tell all to come and see the sign,
I believe we have time to exult in the glory.
Leave no one lost or weary behind,
You all have a part to play in this story.

Phantom the earth as a new sphere,
The heavens will announce the new prodigy.
You’re always welcome far and near,
So bright that even the blind can see.

Welcome my friends it’s all about you,
This place will welcome all who eventually die.
All that is old will be cleansed and brand new,
Predestined, as we all touch the sky.


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