Written by: Ernest Johnson

Carry me through the emptiness and struggles,
Share my deepest passions fears and troubles.
Sing with me the tunes of a past now remembered,
I found peace in song, rewards of solace now tempered.

I believe in love even though I never found it,
Seeking wise answers,  rewards if you've found it.
Majestic is my mood and the road is never ending,
Straight are my intentions, on a path forever bending.

Yet I will not give up for my destination stands before me,
I am but a humble writer, who lives to tell his story.
I know that one day the seas will part for this simple soul,
I will no longer be called a victim,
My faith will take control.

It's written in the cards that this man will surely lead,
I’ll cut the chains that bind me, watchful as I bleed.
I will stand in judgment, determined to break this mold,
I will die a legend as my story will be told.

I am not a greedy man and my desires are not much,
All I ask is for a loving hand,

I’m grateful for a touch.

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