Trying to find yourself, when you were never lost

Trying to find yourself, when you were never lost

I suppose many people try to understand the reasons why their lives never seem to go exactly the way they plan. Well don’t let it get you down; we sometimes complicate our lives when all it takes is just a small measure of patience and belief in ourselves.

I often remember trying to determine whether there is a reason for me being on this earth, and what role will I play in enhancing the lives of the people I love the most.  I’ve made some bad decisions and at times and I’ve made some really good ones.  I’m at a point in my life where sacrifice and determination are the main ingredients to further my success.

What is success? You can ask anyone and the answers will be different from each individual.  Success is a state of mind, as is love and hate.  You might say someone loves you which is indicative of a personal judgment call, not necessarily what is projected from the person you chose.

Love isn’t a drug you can pick up at your nearest pharmacy, or a spell that is cast by a witch or warlock. Love is what you feel in a moment of closeness and bliss that is determined by you, and only you. Therefore only you possess the power necessary to abandon those feelings.

Joy and happiness works in a similar fashion, and you are the painter who creates your own masterpiece. Your happiness can only be a reality once you make up your mind to allow a place for happiness to propagate.

(Written by E. Johnson)


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