Trying To Take Flight

Trying To Take Flight

You are the captain and your mind and body are but a mere vessel in which we borrow to take on this arduous journey we call life.

In order to grow you must establish boundaries, you must remove yourself from people and situations that are no longer congruent with your purpose and growth.  You must be willing to look beyond your selfish desires and find that inner strength to grasp all opportunities life has to offer.  Sometimes we get in our own way; we force ourselves to hold onto never ending cycles of confusion and drama.

I loved more than once and I must admit I wish the women in my past good fortune and lifelong prosperity.  Sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan and we must be able to adjust our inner navigational systems to proceed on a new course.  That course could be to our determent or bring us everlasting joy.

Love is a strong word and should be used with caution. "Don't make someone fall for you when you don't intend to catch them."

We are programmed to seek love and some legitimate form of intimacy. In our quest to belong we tend to lose ourselves in desire and forget the boundaries previously put in place to protect us from harm.

There are people from our past that we think about from time to time.  We hope they are happy in the choices they’ve made and have no regrets whatsoever about moving in the best direction possible to achieve their goals.  We all deserve to be loved and to strive for inner peace, no matter where it might be.

In closing, you are never forgotten and will always be special to someone, whether you know it or not.

(Written by E. Johnson)

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