Family Project

  • My home, a major transformation has occured
  • Taking on a major project, this staircase leads to the start of a basement renovation
  • Wooden stairs, old leaky pipes and dirt covered floors
  • My son Quan checking out the area
  • I was not able to stand up fully in some areas of the basement
  • Enters my friend Kamal the contractor
  • Dug the basement down 2 additional feet along with adding an entrance to the front and back yards.
  • Front yard entrance to basement
  • Basement is starting to look habitable
  • Back door to the backyard had been created
  • Staircase to the backyard and railings are being installed
  • Furnance and boiler are being enclosed, as per city code
  • Metal beams and stairs are installed
  • Recess lighting has been added to the ceiling area
  • Framing for electrical and plumbing services are being constructed
  • Sheet rock is being applied
  • Enclosures for meters and entry doors
  • My son chose the color I had in my office upstairs for the walls
  • Paint is being applied to the rest of the basement
  • Floor tiles ready to be installed
  • Bathroom and shower is being constructed
  • Door to the bathroom
  • Inspected by mother and son
  • Bedroom has been completed along with the side exit to the backyard
  • My son inspects the work before the floor tiles are laid
  • He checks the lighting
  • I purchased funiture from Raymour & Flanigan as a gift for my son
  • Lastly my son purchase special light bulbs that are controlled by his iPhone and Google Asst., all types of lighting effects
  • We installed new stairs with a banister upstairs
  • Paulina (my wife) varnished and stained the stairs to a high gloss shine
  • Finally the railings and new larger awnings are installed in the front and back yards
  • Quan's own personal entrance
  • A house now becomes a home
  • Quan is in his glee
  • Paulina and I are planning our next project...coming soon...remodeling our Kitchen

If we all took the time to acknowledge the blessings we have and what we take for granted, we might find that we would be happier and content with the humble lives we live. My slide show is a representation of all that is good in my life. I’ve taken this time to explicate the various gifts and growth I’ve encountered on this journey in 2015. You should also take a moment to reflect on the good and bad in your life. I’ve learned to take the negative and turn it into something good.

Be thankful and be well,

Ernest Johnson

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  1. What a transformation and every young man’s dream to own a space like that! Congratulations. It’s a fantastic renovation.
    • Thanks Marcelle, my son loves his basement apartment. Maybe one day we will be able to show you it in person. Take care.

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