When Someone says, “I Need Space”

The most hurtful and deceitful 3 words uttered in the English language is, "I need space." This terminology is used as a crutch by a weak person to deceive you. Pretending that they are willing to take some time from the relationship to analyze which direction they are heading in.

The truth is the relationship is OVER, DEAD...FINISHED!

Many people fall victim to these 3 words due to the lack of knowledge as it pertains to human characteristics, as well as devious mind games. The person who states this is only using it for cover because they are planning or have already done something that they are attempting to hide from you.

What you are witnessing here is guilt and a deceitful person attempting to save face. They use this term to hide their true feelings about you and the relationship. Misleading you into believing that they are engulfed in a sea of confusion.  The only thing they are confused about is how long it will take to get you out of their face, and their lives.

However, not all people who utter these words want you to leave immediately, they might be willing to deal with you just a bit longer, or at least until the replacement for you has been fully established. Once you had the privilege of being part of their highly attractive "A-List" and now you have been demoted to "B-List" status. Which means you are their backup plan in case it doesn't work out with the other person.

Studies have shown that once a person has stated those 3 words of endearment the relationship is most often past life support and has flatlined. Why would you want to put yourself in harm's way when all you have to do is walk away.  I know it is painful to realize that the person you cared about didn't care enough, or respect you enough to be truthful about their true intentions.

I must admit that I have been guilty of this as well, not knowing or caring about how much pain it causes the other person. I learned once it was done to me in my younger years that this is final, and the relationship is doomed.

Seriously, nobody wants time away from someone they love. Those 3 words should shock you to a reality that they were not meant for you, it's like attempting to put a square peg in a round hole.  It doesn't mean that either of you are necessarily bad people, it just means you aren't as compatible as you thought.

So the next time you hear those shocking words, "I need space." Make sure you give it to them and add an additional lifetime extension. You deserve better, remember people will only perceive and treat you in the manner in which you yourself create.

Take care of you,

Ernest Johnson

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