When The People Dare

When The People Dare

(Written by E. Johnson)

We as a people at times forget that we matter most,
Our actions are as guests, when really we’re the host.
We let others make decisions that affect the lives we live,
Governing hands extended, as they take from those who give.

Foolishly we stay in our place, bridled is our tongues,
We breathe the air of selfishness inhaled within our lungs.
Narcissistic attitudes run rampant in our lives today,
Keep your opinion to yourself, be careful what you say.

The situation is mindboggling with increasing expectations,
You are no longer worthy of fair customer relations.
Your spirit has been damaged as the system sets the rules,
You received a master’s degree, you educated fool.

Circumstances are changing your time is getting shorter,
You must achieve what some believe, a noble sense of order.
Finally you’ve had enough of this shit, it’s time you take a stand,
It matters not, what you forgot…your existence is at hand.

You start taking control of, the events that rule your life,
Once you believe in yourself, you’ll rise to higher heights.
What you need is a shove, to get those engines started,
You can be the glue that will mend the broken hearted.

When people have had enough the system must recognize,
No more will they play the pawn, on a chessboard full of lies.
All we desire is a chance for a society built with care,
We all speak, for the young and weak…as we the people, dare.


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