Who Am I…?

Who Am I…?

Written by: E. Johnson

Recently I was canvasing through the memories in my life, reliving the most tremulous experiences I’ve ever faced. While sitting in my backyard sipping a glass of tea and focusing on what I have achieved in my limited existence on earth, I am pleased at where I am presently situated and the events that brought me here.

How many times have we encountered the negative and positive forces that represent where you are while focusing on where you’ve been?

We are a summation of all our personal experiences. Our past dictates who we are, and serves as a catalyst embodying all the past experiences that have affected our lives.  Our growth is predetermined by the environment and our mental abilities to comprehend the experiences that influence our lives as we live from day to day.

You must be able to construct a finish product (that is you), from all the scattered pieces scrambled in your path. Some of us are able to do so with parts to spare, while others never complete the puzzle and continue to play the game of life without a full deck.  This doesn’t mean that there is no hope for the nomads that strive to find a home in the wilderness that is their lives.

As I wipe the pouring sweat from my brow, and continue to sip my cold iced tea, I think about how blessed I am to have loving friends and family to talk with when I lose my way.  I often hear from female friends of mine who openly converse about their need to complete a puzzle that they can’t seem to find the missing pieces for.  In their minds they were never given the complete puzzle with all necessary pieces to choose from. They like others are looking for a roadmap to complete their journey in hopes to find a one size fits all process. This type of mapping system doesn’t and possibly never will exist.

I attempt to understand their plight and try to help them see that the pieces were always there but they chose not to see them.  Avoiding the obvious was the problem. Once they understood the process they were able to view their lives in a different manner and eventually see that the puzzle was not that hard to complete.

Remember all of us are players in this game called life and we tend to make it a lot harder than it has to be.  I encourage you to look deep within yourself and eventually you will break the bonds of servitude and realize the missing pieces to your life are within you, and only you.

Well, my glass is empty and I feel the need to go into my finished basement where it is cooler and relax and watch some TV.  Take care of you, because no one else will treat you better.


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