Who Am I

Who Am I

(Written by Ernest Johnson)

I believe we all are special people, who will one day reach our peak,
We journey to find what makes us whole, our lives are incomplete.
I’ve traveled through the wilderness, through heat and bitter cold,
I’m happy to declare with shrieks of victory, rise my buried soul.

It took some time to bridge the gap between reality and false hope,
Once you establish a winning plan, your fears go up in smoke.
Purpose is the instrument of choice, all else can be circumvent,
What you desire will be your reward, not attained by accident.

Wisdom is tranquil and ever flowing, with knowledge applied each day,
Like a child I’ll continue growing, until I am old enough to play.
I’m not afraid to speak my mind; my tongue shall sound like thunder,
Like a game of Three Card Monte, guess which card I’m under.

Who am I is the question that’s posed, to all who search from within,
I am a person of unfaltering character; I’m alpha and omega,
The beginning the end.
Who am I but a mere shell of a man, whose destiny is still uncertain?
You must be resolute with tireless pursuit, until that final curtain.


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