Who You Are

Who You Are

(Written by Ernest Johnson)

I threw a stone into the water to watch the ripples spread,
I counted each leaf on one tree as it shades the top of my head.
I stared at a squirrel as he jumped and scurried away,
I didn’t sleep that night, instead I watched night turn to day.

I listened as the birds harmoniously serenade order back to life,
My soul was happy and content my heart had taken flight.
From dust we are born enabling us to one day be a star,
Encourage by the word of God, you now know who you are.

Life had not always been kind to me I find I must make due,
Sadness is old and temporary, happiness stays brand new.
Smells and sounds of nature engulf my primal instincts,
Life has taught me how to swim, so that I might never sink.

I’ll never give up on me even when calm seas turn rough,
I have a belief system in place, which will always be enough.
Only fools push ahead knowing they’ve gone too far,
Remember to heed the word of God; you’ll know then who you are.


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