You’re My Sign

You’re My Sign

(Written by: Ernest Johnson)

You may not be enough for him, but you are just enough for me.
He might be blind to your inner self, yet you’re all that I can see.
He cares about himself more than you, He can’t help that he’s that kind.
We are compatible because we are in love, and I’m glad that you’re my sign.

You might not have the sexiest body; well I’m not looking for a toy.
A woman who knows what she wants, and doesn’t need a boy.
The strength of a Leo is all you need, Aries for the heart that is torn.
Virgo will pick up the pieces, while Aquarius watches porn.

You may not be perfect to him, but you’re surely perfection to me.
If given time and a binding heart, I’ll teach you to believe.
Capricorn might be laughing, while Taurus is waiting to see.
All eyes are on Scorpio, as I attempt to set you free.

You don’t need to be a star; you are always welcome in my show.
Just give me a chance to love you, and you’ll never want to go.
Pisces will remember this day, Gemini will be happy for you.
Sagittarius will be in tears, on one knee Cancer says “I do.”

You might think you are dreaming, astrology is just for fools.
You might be right in your assumption, for me it’s just a tool.
It doesn’t matter what you believe, if true love is what you find.
We are compatible if we believe in love, true love makes you my sign.


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